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Dr. Sudershan Sharma

Chief Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon

Pioneer in Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Amritsar Region, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh.

Dr Sudershan Sharma, orthopaedic spine surgeon, is a specialist in minimal invasive Endoscopic Spine Surgery. This branch of surgery is considered as one of the most innovative surgical techniques because of its high resolution, intra-operative imaging facilities, and minimalized access ports to the operating site.


A small operative tube, approximately the size of a pencil, and an endoscope , are inserted into the body through surgery, which is performed by passing instruments through the endoscope to remove disc material or bone spur, without harming the muscles and ligaments. Significantly, the infection rate is virtually zero due to permanent irrigation of the operating site during the course of surgical intervention.

Advantages of Endoscopic Spine Surgery as compared to traditional open surgery include:

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Happy Patient's

I am very happy with the treatment & care I received from Dr. Sudershan Sharma and his staff. Very friendly and efficient. Due to Dr. Sudershan Sharma’s surgical skill I got a much better outcome than I expected. Very professional and knowledgeable.

Jagandeep Singh


The badrinath hospital specialist doctors were managing my Endoscopic spine surgery and the surgery went well and I was able to go on with my life within just few weeks. Good Hospital and cooperative staff.

Rakesh Kumar


Very modern clinic and friendly staff. I got a knee injury treatment from them and they managed all process it with a lot of care very smoothly. I’m very impressed with whole procedure from start to finish.

Simarpal Singh


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